A day in Ahmedabad.

I had a day to spend in Ahmedabad, roughly 14 hours. And here’s what I did!

  • BREAKFAST IN THALTEJ – My friend Kashyap came to receive me and took me to this teeny tiny South-Indian shop in Thaltej called Food Station. It was one of the few places in Ahmedabad that open early in the morning. The Idlis were soft and the Sambar tasted homely. The second dish was Wada Sambar and I bet you would find Wadas here crispy. It was one of those places that were simple on the outside but rich inside. Here I noticed that food was served on a transparent sheet on a steel plate. Hygiene locked I would say.
  • VISITED SABARMATI ASHRAM – If you haven’t booked a place for yourself in the city then you can freshen up in Sabarmati Ashram. It is open all day long and no place is locked. It was clean, green with a handful of people roaming around. The place was renovated recently and I liked the way they did the place in red and white. You could see the riverfront on one end. There were paintings based on major historical events and museum full of photographs and articles. All in all, it was a peaceful place. When you see the pictures of Queen Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King visiting Sabarmati Ashram hanging on the wall, it will fill you with awe that this place attracted people who changed the face of the world.
    Still from Sabarmati Ashram.
    Minimal architecture.
    Outside Meera Kuti.

    Outside the Museum.
  • SHOPPED AT ALPHAONE MALL: Between Thaltej and Ashram, I got a rough tour of the city in the early hours. The city looked upstate and fresh. However, spending two hours in Ashram made me hungry. So we went to Alphaone Mall. To eat burger and fries. Period. Here’s the thing, Jamnagar has amazing food joints but once in a while you would want to visit old-school McD. So I ate Fries and Chicken Wrap and Gorish got a Mac Aloo Tikki. We then picked up a few clothes from Shopper stop. You must be wondering why I choose shopping above all the exciting things to do in Ahmedabad. One, I blog fashion so I need chic clothes. Two, there are not many great stores here in Jamnagar. And three, the collection in this city is worth the hard earned cash.
Still in McDonald’s.
Mexican fries, chicken wrap and Mc-Aloo Tikki.
Capturing portraits while food arrives.
  • HOGGED AMAZING FOOD: Before you judge me let me tell you Ahmedabad is a foodie city. You end up eating a lot in the end. So we went to Silver Leaf Bistro in Acropolis Mall and ordered ‘Paneer Tikka in Cheese Naan’ and my friends Kashyap and Ishita ordered ‘Mezze Platter’. While Paneer Tikka was spicy Mezze Platter was opposite in taste. And I liked both. The Bistro had a vast and distinctive menu compared to contemporary Indian restaurants and apparently, the chef was from Saudi which meant the Non-Veg here is a specialty. Next, I had a mango-cheesecake flavored Ice cream from Ice-Cream Works in Acropolis Mall itself. It was creamy and mild in taste – by that I mean not very sweet and full of fruit flavor. Later that evening I ate Pistachio Gelato from Melt In and I definitely prefer it over regular everyday Ice-Cream. My verdict about the food is that it is a bit expensive but worth every penny.
    Paneer Tikka in Cheese Naan from Silver Leaf Bistro.
    Mezze Platter from Silver Leaf Bistro.
    Silver Leaf Bistro, Acropolis Mall.
    Mango-Cheesecake Ice-cream from Ice-cream Works.

    Pistachio Gelato from Melt in.
  • WENT FOR A RIDE: Post lunch we went for a long ride exploring the outskirts of the city. There was a canal in the middle of nowhere, a secluded place away from hustle bustle of the city where you could enjoy nature in peace. Then we drove all the way to Thol Bird Sanctuary to walk alongside Thol lake. The best part was that it was overcast which cooled down the weather. We saw numerous peacocks on our way back and a herd of deer out in open. I have seen them locked up in the zoo but watching them in real, out in wild was unbelievable, exceptional and breathtaking. I wish I had a picture as a proof to show you guys but I choose to enjoy the moment than capturing it.
    By the Canal in the outskirts of the city.
    Tola Lake in Tola Bird Sanctuary.

    By the canal.

There’s a lot to do in Ahmedabad. Exploring old Ahmedabad, visiting Kankariya Lake and Adalaj Stepwell are few of them. Food-life in Ahmedabad gets vibrant by night. For instance, Manek Chowk opens after 8 and food-joints serve until midnight. The travel back and forth in a traveler bus made my journey taxing. Taking an overnight train would have been a more comfortable option. Keeping a blanket and ear plug will assure a good night sleep.

I can go on and on about my trips. My stories are never ending. But I will stop here and ask you guys, what is your favorite place in Ahmedabad? Or what do you intend me to do if you happen to go? Drop your thoughts in comments section.

Until next time, lots of love – Janvi.




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