Living Luxuriously

Hey everyone,

Do you ever remember checking into a hotel as a child (ofcourse with your parents)? There were very few places then and mostly it either meant bad news or unaffordable expense. Travelling and vacations were limited to a relative’s house where the atmosphere was familiar. If not that destinations were limited to the places where office guest house of working parent was situated. When you are in college, where you want to go is determined by how much pocket money you have saved. When you are working finance is not major hurdle.

Basically, trends change with time. I was a budget traveler looking for cheap stays, public transport, and inexpensive food. All that mattered was I reach the journey’s end. I outrageously admit that it did pinch and as cool as it looks on the outside, ‘budget traveling had its own share of hardships‘. As time passed by and I started earning, I prioritized comfort. It’s not that I do not keep an estimate of my expenses but comfort is not the area I compromise. With changing times mindsets of people are changing as well. People today do not shy away from booking rooms in their favorite tourist spot. It has become more of a necessity than a luxury.

Hotels these days compete to provide safety and facilities. Concepts like homestays and heritage homes have emerged. And so when I had to beat the heat and experience peace offered by luxury I headed to Mount Abu, the only hill station of Rajasthan. Many heritage homes and palaces have been converted to hotels in this city. And I choose Palanpur Palace, to spend my vacation.

This place was a haven in itself with spacious room and clean bath. The windows offered a breathtaking view and the walls of the palace were adorned with paintings and photographs. Apart from the comfortable bed, they offered garden filled with beautiful flowers. It was a beautiful experience and I’ll let the pictures talk for themselves from here on.

The bed.
The comfy couch.
Taking a nap.


I wish I could live here forever.


Feeling like a princess.
From the outside.
Happy me.
Beauty through the glass.
For the love of roses.
View from the room.
Another view from the room.
View from the balcony.
The entrance.
The bunch of beautiful flowers outside the window.


Outside the restaurant.
From the outside.
Obsessed with flowers.

In addition to this, I stayed in Krishna Nivas heritage home for a day. And the staff there were sweet and understanding. The room I checked in had a drawing room with chairs and T.V, a bedroom, balcony, dressing room and finally the bathroom. A place extremely huge for the price I paid. Yorkshire Inn and The Colonial Manek Manor were similar places on the same road that looked exquisite on the outside.

So, my take on hotels is that no matter where you go do not compromise on hygiene and comfort. Reviews available on Apps immensely help you decide whether a place is suitable for you or not. And share your experiences so other can benefit from it just like I did.

Until next time, Janvi.



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