Dear all,

I have been MIA again and many of you must be wondering what could be the reason behind my absence. The culprit who kept me busy was my beautiful sister who would actively model for me at any hour of the day. She stayed at my place for about two weeks and helped me experiment with portraits and fashion photography. She has an amazing fashion sense and has mastered packing wonderful dresses for vacation in one single bag. All in all, she is the motivation behind this post.

Some pieces look universally amazing and you can hop into them at any point of the day. In this post, I am writing about the dresses my sis wore and her choice of clothing that inspired me.

  • Floral dress: A floral dress is an essential piece that should find a place in your closet. It looks feminine and fresh at the same time. Add a summer hat or a flower crown and you are ready to rock your beach walk.


  • Ethnic wear: You never know when you have to visit the temple around the corner or go for a family function. So to keep it simple, pack a Kurti. A tip – The outfit should be subtle but your Kurti definitely needs to be a designer.


  • The adorable prom dress: You never know when you get an invitation to someplace hype. Dressing adorable is essential to climb up that social ladder. Or just be you showing off for a change. A Tuttle skirt can turn heads and make mouths gasp. What do you say?


  • Solid Bodycon: Bodycon works well with jeans but you know what it works better with? Anyone for skirts – Me! I am a fan of skirts. They are a statement piece in themselves and sexy too. And I love pairing it with solid bodycon so that it throws the spotlight on the entire outfit.


  • Lace tops: Not interested in florals? Bet lace can replace them and give you the feminine look that you seek. Pair a lace top with jeans and you are great to go.


  • T-Shirts: My sis has an amazing fashion sense and rocks variety of clothes. But on a normal day, she prefers cladding in Jeans and T-Shirt that shows things she loves. For instance her ‘1 in a Minion t-shirt’ or something from ‘Adidas’.


So, what is your style mantra and what style do you prefer? Comment below and let me know. Until next time.

XOXO, Janvi.


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