Devbhumi Dwarka

In front of Hotel Lords.

The last time I allowed myself to explore a destination was during my trip to Mumbai. Since then I have been blogging about fashion and connecting with fellow Instagramers and Photographers. This Sunday I took off to a very famous destination in Gujarat, that is Dwarka. This place is known as Devbhumi (Land of God) because it is believed that Dwarka was the kingdom of Lord Krishna. I first came across it in an advertisement by Amitabh Bachchan ( for Gujarat Tourism). And I googled about this place but couldn’t find anything attractive. Some of my colleagues said that other than the Dwarkadish Temple and the beach, nothing held much significance. So I set out to find compelling stories and this place not only offered me beauty but also colors that I would never forget. 

Skyporn captured by Matty Sir during his trip to Dwarka.

I stated my journey with my travel-half from Reliance Township at 06:45 hours in the morning and took a bus to Dwarka. The tickets were merely 100 rupees/head and we reached our destination in about 2 hours. We had our breakfast at Sharanam Restaurant, a food joint at a 5 minute walking distance from the bus stop. Then we took an auto to reach the Dwarkadish Temple. We deposited our camera, cell phones, shoes and walked inside. One Punditji named Akshay offered to show us around and he took us to every single temple inside the complex and explained the significance and position of every idol that was there. He narrated the famous story of Lord Krishna and spoke about the three curses bestowed upon Rukshamanee by sage Durvasa. The first one said that Krishna and Rukshamanee would be separated in Dwarka hence, there is not even a single idol of hers in the Dwarkadish Temple even though she was his chief queen (only one is present in Beyt Dwarka). The second curse said that the sweet water of Gomti river would turn salty. And third said that the land around the temple would turn barren hence, this place is no longer fit for agriculture activities.

An old man reading newspaper oblivious to his surroundings while the art behind him spoke the tale of love.

He then went on explaining about the rituals and festivals celebrated there. And then he informed us that the Prasad for God is prepared inside the temple kitchen (the aroma was mouth-watering) and no outside food is offered to God. He then took us to the Gomti River and asked us to wash our hands and feet before worshiping the Goddess Gomti where we offered our prayers. We then proceeded for Aarti around 10:45. I noticed this in Somnath as well as Dwarka that Punditji’s pull the curtain and then perform Puja and people hold their breaths for a glimpse of the idol. I collected Prasad from temple and proceeded to explore the places around it where there were shops offering street food, dress material, footwear and accessories.

Devotees proceeding to Gomti River to cleanse themselves by Hiren Khambayta.
Gomti Ghat by Hiren Khambhayta.

Further I bought a 10 Rs ticket to climb the Sudama Bridge that is at a walk-able distance from the temple. The bridge ran over Gomti river and it was extremely windy there ( I felt my phone slip). The bridge was surrounded by turquoise blue water matching the sky. For a moment I believed I was in Maldives. I later got down and sat by the bank of river feeding the fish. That was when I realized how clear and unpolluted the water was.

Sudama Bridge build by Reliance.

Our next stop was Dwarka Beach and we were dead tired by that time. The sun was blazing hot on top of our heads. It was nearly impossible to appreciate the beauty that surrounded us at that hour of the day. At that very moment I got a call from Matinder Sir, who was stationed in Dwarka for duty. He works in the Security Department. So he picked us up from the parking of Lords Hotel and we went to visit the Nageshwar Temple. There was a huge idol of Lord Shiva that we could see from a distance. He then took us to Meethapur and showed us the salt factory of Tata Chemicals. Then we proceeded to Shivrajpur Beach, a secluded part of Dwarka. Our last stop was Sunset point, the end point of Dwarka beach and we offered our prayers in the Bhatkeshwar temple (it was a small temple at the end of the beach).

Idol of Lord Shiva at Nageshwar Temple.
Matty Sir took us to Shivrajpur Beach and there were no shops around except this one that offered coconut water to thirsty travelers.

For the three hours that Matty Sir accompanied us, he told us how he started, the challenges of his job and the fun things that he did with his colleagues. He described his routine and how my blogging inspired him to write. Honestly, I did not see that coming. He then told us about the glamorous life of billionaires, as he had to escort the VIPs. He has met Ranbir Kapoor, escorted Mumbai Indian team and so on. Every minute with him was full of awe. And in the end he thanked me for coming to Dwarka and giving him company. In truth it was supposed to be my line as I had the privileged of his humble company.

Matty Sir – narrating.

Matty Sir dropped us at Lords and left to resume his duty. We had snacks at Lords and proceeded to the beach in front of it. The sitting area was made similar to Marine Drive in Mumbai. After watching the sun set in the west we walked along the beach to reach the banks of Gomti River, exactly opposite to the point where I sat in the morning. I realized at that time how tiny Dwarka City was (the main area). Earlier that morning an auto driver promised to take us around Dwarka for thousand rupees and I am glad we did not take it because it doesn’t cost that much. It was past seven by then and we rushed to the bus stop and boarded the bus to Jamnagar.

View from Hotel Lords.
The lanes of Dwarka at evening captured by Matty Sir.

I was exhausted by then but happy to the core at the turn of events. I had thought that I would simply visit the temple, take a few pictures and come back. Instead I got to know the ancient stories and meet a hero. I wouldn’t say Dwarka is a must visit but if you hear the turquoise blue waters and ancient stories calling you then you should explore the land of God.

View of lighthouse from Dwarka Beach.
Pristine blue waters of Gomti River.
Me by the Gomti Ghat.


  • Non A/C Bus to Dwarka from Jamnagar: Shiv Shakti Travels at 0645 hours. Cost – 100 rupees/head.
  • A/C Bus to Jamnagar from Dwarka: Patel Travels at 1915 hours. Cost – 150 rupees/head.
  • Autos in city won’t cost more than 40 rupees per ride. It would differ if you were visiting Nageshwar temple.

What to wear:

  • In summer prefer wearing loose cotton clothes as it is hot there. It doesn’t rain here and visiting this place would be pleasant in winters. I wore a pink dress from Ajio but except me everyone had donned Indian attire there.
Walking along the banks of river.
Me by the Dwarka Beach.

Where to eat:

  • Hotel Sharanam: I had a Masala Cheese Dosa here for breakfast which was loaded with cheese and I loved it.
Try Masala Cheese Dosa from this hotel.
  • Food Point: This was the hotel on the way to Sudama Bridge. It was more of a Bhojnalay that served Thalis ( buffet) for lunch. I had a Kathiawadi Thali that included three Gujarati curries, chapati, rice, dal, fryums and chaas. The food could have been better but taste varies from person to person because the hotel was jam packed and people shared tables. What I loved was the Mukhwas they served at the end of the meal. Make sure you pick up a packet if you go there.
Kathivadi Thali.
  • Hotel Lords: The hotel was a top notch expensive hotel of Dwarka. I had a thin crust pizza here which was okay, nothing I would recommend but the ambiance was royal.
Thin Crust Pizza at Hotel Lords.

What to shop:

  • Dwarka is known for Kacchi Work that is a peculiar type embroidery work on vibrant cotton textiles. There were a range of shops that displayed Kachhi jackets, and Bandhej dresses .
  • You would find Indian style footwear, seashell artifacts, Indian purse called Batwa and sling bags.


  • Camel ride and Boat ride.
  • At Shivrajpur I saw a board for camp tents, so camping options are available.
  • And Google showed the option of Scuba diving that I hope to explore in future.
  • You would need another separate day to visit Beyt Dwarka if you would not like to cover the entire trip in one go.
Camel ride outside Sudama Bridge. Picture by Manish Dhuva.

So now we have reached to the end of the post, huff, it was a long one filled with every single detail that I could recall. Hope you enjoyed it and swore to yourself that you would visit this place. Do let me know your story regarding this place or your thoughts in the comments section. I would like to thank Matty Sir, Hiren and Manish for their contribution and Gorish for his amazing clicks.  You can also follow me at Instagram –  @paradise_stardust for daily updates. Thanks for stopping by. XOXO.

Love, Janvi.


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